Compost Has Many Surprising Benefits You Could Simply Have Just By Compiling Trash

Compost is usually garbage, animal waste, biodegradable trash that is often smelly and irritating, but it has many surprising benefits for your garden.

One benefit you’d probably love about it is that compost also serves as a cheaper (and safer) alternative to plant fertilizers. It also lowers your monthly garbage fees, especially if you’re in places where they measure your spending according to the weight of your trash.

Compost also helps the environment. It actually stops pollutants from reaching streams and lakes. It also helps break down other dangerous chemicals by spoiling organic material efficiently.

This infographic shows many more things, benefits and simple procedures that makes compost a compelling addition to your garden’s nutrition.

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Want to Start Your Adventure in Interior Design? Learn How to Draw! 

Sure, all of us know how to draw houses since we were kids. We’ve created our dream houses through our own imagination, along with wobbly lines and lost edges.

As we grow, we want to learn more about designing home interiors. However, to present our idea very well, we will need to learn how to draw very effectively. Drawing is more than just using a ruler and a pencil. You’ll need to learn how to draw in different perspectives and draw in relation to other focal points.

Karl Gude has a YouTube Playlist dedicated to learning the fine art of using perspectives in relation to interior design. I’ve tried this, and it definitely did wonders in communicating my ideas more effectively.

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Never Take Soil Health For Granted!

Health is well, and this very much applies to the garden as well, specifically the soil. The soil composes most of the expanse, and it plays a vital role for the growth of plants and flowers. With that said, extreme care must be given to it, more so if you want great results.


What should be done now would be to work with what you have and improve it. The yard you have does not necessarily have the “perfect” soil from the start and so, you need to identify its type and fix what needs to be done so.


If you have poor and compacted soil, you will have to dig it up and loosen it for at least 12 inches. Add in compost to then keep its workable quality. Other nutrients that can enrich the ground would be: leaf litter, clean hay or straw, wood shavings and crop residue, among others.


Before doing any planting, it is best to sterilise soil too so that pests and diseases will not be forwarded to plant and flower life. The deed ensures that these elements will be able to grow as healthy as they can be. Accomplish the sterilisation method through steaming using a pressure cooker, through an oven or through a microwave.


For fertilisers, they are of extreme importance as well as they can bring advantages regarding plant growth and production. But it stands that you can’t apply them at any time. An optimal moment would be during early spring, when leafing out or flowering takes place. Nevertheless, it will still vary depending on the type of plant you have.


Soil is no doubt fundamental for gardening so keeping and maintaining its quality will make better its capacity for produce such as fruits and vegetables. Therefore, take the time to examine your yard periodically.



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Some Tips and Tricks For Your Garden Space

Gardening work is not a task that can be handled by gardeners alone; in actuality, owners also have the very responsibility of taking care and maintaining the yard as they are the ones who are using it.


Now, such matter does not have to be rocket science. There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can apply for the betterment of your garden’s look and purpose. And you do not even have to spend money on them.


First off, do not just throw eggshells because you can use them to give some calcium to your plants. Grind them in the blender and just sprinkle them in your gardening space.


If you got yourself a pet or some stray animals come in and step on your plant and flower life, what you should do is place plastic forks around the area. This prevents them from even littering or pooping on your precious herbs and the like.


Epsom salt may come in handy as well. Add a couple of tablespoons into your watering can and water the mixture on your plants. On top of that, you can scatter them on your soil as this will help seeds germinate better. All in all, Epsom salt can bring utmost health to your garden.


When it rains, you can even collect the water with any container like a drum or barrel and then use for watering your yard. This means you can be able to save on your water bill too.


Supposing you want some colour to your expanse, aside from incorporating flowers, you can also go and paint your pots. You do not have to replace them – just decorate them however you want.


There are a lot more hacks out there but these hacks alone prove that you just have to be wise when it comes to garden care.


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10 Top Tips For Adding a Contemporary Water Feature To Your Garden

Perhaps you had a fair share of visits to different parks and gardens in your locality or in another city or town. What did you notice? Well, commonly, they are massive and grow abundant greenery. They offer an expanse where you can get to enjoy nature at its very finest, along with culture that you can learn from and relish in.

Technically though, these grand spaces house water features that attract its many visitors. Fountains, waterfalls and other fixtures are beautifully installed, making you want one for yourself at home. Well, you could do so, especially with the help of Woolwich landscapers.

Here are points you should consider beforehand:

1. Budget
Of course, it is essential that you decide on how much you are willing to spend. This will then determine how far you are to go with this project.

2. Range/Size
The largeness (or smallness) of your garden will matter first off. This is because you will base the size of your desired water feature on it, whether you want the fountain, for example, to fill the entire place or otherwise.

3. Position
You must also settle on where or which part of your property will you want the fixture be, whether at the front, the back or maybe just by the side of your home. Many choose to put it in a spot which makes it easily seen as it functions as an attraction.

4. Design/Structure
As you partner up with landscape gardeners Greenwich, you can come up with a design of the final outcome that you have envisioned. Having an expert can ease and quicken the process.

5. Materials
Depending on your theme, you will now identify which material will fit. It can be either stone, concrete, wood or any other agent that will accomplish the water structure.

6. Water Flow and Sound
The stream of the liquid, as well as the sound that it makes, will certainly be of importance. If done well, this can aid in achieving the tranquillity and relaxation fit for a garden.

7. Control
The previous one will then directly relate to this. It is significant that you can have the freedom to operate the water feature whenever you like. You can opt to open the waterworks all day and then close it when night time comes. This can surely save you the bucks for the water bill.

8. Plant and Flower Life
The entirety of the garden will not be complete without greenery and flora to decorate the surroundings. If grown well, they can effectively bring life and colour to the space.

9. Lighting
When it is dark, then the water feature will not be able to function like what it is intended to. Hence, installing appropriate light will highlight the part where you have the, say, water falls set up.

10. Cleaning and Maintenance
Above all these, you must take into account that you will need to preserve the work that has been or will be acted upon. In this way, you will have more time to appreciate and show it to other folks.

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6 Cool Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Garden

Aside from your residence, having an extra space for a garden is such a fortune. The yard can be very useful as it can be a place to be with nature, especially when you are used to the bustling city life. It can even be a designated area to rest and relax, whether with company or not.

Of course, it is likely that you have worked on your garden from its function to its design. Doing so, as they say, raises the value of your overall property. But when night time comes, the beauty of your gardening and landscaping job may be enveloped with darkness. Isn’t that a shame?

Well, lighting is definitely one you should consider. It is essential not only to showcase your yard but it is also for you as the owner since you can opt to spend some time in the garden even during the evening.

  1. For Pathways

Landscapes usually have paved tracks that may lead to the front door or gate or to your flower collection. To direct people to them, light fixtures can be installed along the way.

  1. For Patios

Gatherings and parties can be held in outdoor settings and usually, they will last until the wee hours of the morning. There are many lighting options that do not only bring brightness but they are decorative as well. Colours can even depend upon your preference like for example, you are aiming for a disco party.

  1. For Architectural Features

Some landscapes have pillars and columns installed and giving them the appropriate luminosity can highlight them. This also includes the accentuation of your very home. Even from afar, your dwelling will surely be a sight to see.

  1. For Plant and Flower Life

Flora can bring immense colour to the surroundings and you can bring that out even at night. This also helps as you can guard any person or any animal who comes and ruins your collection.

  1. For Entryways

Gates, fences and other boundaries need to have lights for safety and protection. With them, not only you but everyone else in the neighbourhood can see if an outsider is trying to break in.

  1. For Ponds

For those who loves fishes, garden ponds are common in their homes. Hence, you can be able to put some attention to these beings. Also, light has an influence on a fish’s maturation and behaviour.

In any case, you should take this into account: you have to hire an expert electrical team like the Northampton electrical contractors to do the setup and installation. This will assure you that you are going to be safe with the many light sources that you have around you.

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7 Design Ideas For Small City Patio Gardens

Those who live in the city have spaces that they can call their own but with small expanses. But even so, their need for nature amidst their urban lifestyle is apparent. Hence, with the limited area, they make it a point to create a spot for relaxation and rest.

Well, having a patio garden is definitely a good idea as it achieves the aim to be close to greenery and flower life. Patios may basically mean paved regions but when talking of plants and flowers, you can, of course, make space for them. In actuality, they are even major elements to the garden.

In any case, here are ideas on how you can fully utilise the area that you have:

Divide Well

As expected, you will have to separate your would-be garden into divisions. You could depend on landscape gardeners Muswell Hill for this task. They can expertly split up the expanse that you have for different uses.

Go with a Theme

Having an overall motif would be beneficial as you go along this design process. As you think of your garden’s purposes, you can easily come up with one. You may want it to be a place for gatherings or you may aspire for it to be a cosy nook for leisure. Supposing you want to glam it up for home value intent, then proceed so.

Grow Flora

You can either use the ground or make do with potted plants. Of course, you must choose the variety that thrives in the place that you live and the weather conditions you experience. Having bright and colourful plant life would be better as well.

Add Lounging Areas

All in all, you are adding a patio garden to connect and meet with nature. Therefore, you should set up a division where you can place comfy and sturdy furniture such as couches and sofas. You can even have one where you can lay down and sleep for an afternoon. Dining could even be done in the outdoors, so a table and chair combo would be nice.

Arrange Shade

Sunlight is good but it can be harmful during other times of the day. Well, you can avoid such dangers as you install protective coverings.


Though plants and flowers are natural crayons, using coatings, especially with bright shades, can help bring life to the surroundings. They can be applied to the walls, floors and even furnishings. Following a colour scheme can even help.

Incorporate a Visual Interest

You can go to a whole new level in designing by perhaps adding a fireplace or a pond. Both will need time, preparation, cleaning and maintenance but there is no doubt they are big statements.

The landscapers North London will be glad to be of service in creating your small city patio garden. More likely than not, it is a greater alternative to hire experts than doing all the work yourself.

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Garden Patio Design Tips

Being outdoors is a healthy alternative, especially when you want to rest and relax. You get to meet with nature, breathe fresh air and take in the sights of plant and flower life. All these you can do in your very own front and/or back yard.

Now, a usual component for gardens are patios. These are paved areas which are considered to be lounging spots. When alone, you can make the patio a place for your morning coffee or even for your afternoon read. If you have some company, this is ideal for gatherings as well. From simple dinners to big celebrations – in the comforts of your garden, these can all be done.

Well, to start with, it is necessary that you invest in furniture that is lovely looking. Decide what you want to incorporate; it can be a single chair or a wide couch. A table would be a good addition too. Whichever piece you set up, it must be fitting to the style or purpose you establish for your garden.

You can go for unique and eccentric furnishings to add some eye catching action to the area. With this, even at first glance, your garden will not be considered boring or dull.

Do not be afraid to experiment on colour and design. Incorporate any that you think is good, though it must be brought up that you should also control yourself. Avoid overcrowding because such will only bring chaos and disorder. Pick out a colour scheme and work from there. A theme would be helpful as well. Just learn to mix and match, so that you will end up with a pleasant patio.

When it comes to dining, be wise. Whether made with wicker or wood, furniture will usually either be painted with brown tones. It can be quite plain and so, as you shop, look for those that have integrated cushions, for example. With them, you can have the freedom to opt for coloured ones, which will then depend on your overall garden patio motif.

Surrounding with beautiful and fragrant flowers can be such a great trick. This will provide you with a nice view while you sit and hang around comfortably there. They are natural crayons that even if you only have simple articles of furniture, there is still an established aura of brightness from them.

Similar to that of the house itself, the garden is your very own blank painting and you are the one who can turn it into whatever artwork it is to be. Go minimal or go extreme. This all depends upon you. It would surely be more significant if you go for what you want and express your personality. In the end, you are the person to be using the place, specifically the patio, and so, do not hesitate in testing new things as well. Garden design does not have to be hard; make it easy and fun as you try out a style that is unique and just you.

Express yourself as you create or redesign your patio, among others.


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Things To Think About When Clearing Your Garden

Together with the house, there is a garden space that you have to take care of. It may either be small or big but in any case, it stands that you should pay attention to its conditions. This extra area is functional in itself; you can be with nature as you grow plants and flowers. It can be the place to gather with family and friends to enjoy each other’s company too. You can hold parties and gatherings just in the comforts of your own garden. Moreover, when it is beautiful and well maintained, it can definitely up the value of the property. Hence, many have taken the time and effort to make it clean and green.

Clearing a garden of its dirty matter can be tedious, especially if you do it yourself. You must be free, more so when it comes to your time and schedule because again, cleaning can be a big job. Anyhow, the first thing that you should consider is its existing state. Does it just need a good sweep or are there other major things you should fix? Fallen leaves, weeds and dead plants make the area untidy. Tools and other equipment may be littering around; you should pick them up and put them in their respective storage. Just do assess the surroundings of stuff that are not useful anymore and must be thrown. You can even sort your things out by those you can keep, those you can give away or sell and those that you will get rid of.

It is best that you assign a spot in your garden where you can accumulate all the dirt on. This would be beneficial if you invest on an Essex skip hire. A skip basically gets all your waste materials and transports it to an appropriate trash facility. When the rubbish is at a particular place of your garden, the transfer will then be quick and easy. Anyways, you have to know though that not all can be placed inside a skip. Hazardous chemicals and appliances are not allowed. You can’t fill one to the brim too because that is illegal.

When deciding to do this project, you can also think of changing the look of your garden, whether it is the positioning of elements and the like. Well, it will be hard to move plant life but it can be possible for the outdoor furniture. A different layout can change the atmosphere and it can even make the space more attractive.

Nature that is free from any rubbish can make the whole garden experience more worthwhile. At times, some alone session is good and you will get to ponder better with a pristine ambience. This is another reason to clean it up. You must even do this constantly. Gardening and organising can be therapeutic, even.

With both a neat interior (the house) and exterior (the garden), for sure your household will be a better looking and lovely place to look at and also stay in.

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Why You Should Hire a Landscape Gardener vs Do-It-Yourself

Other than the house itself, most properties have extra spaces like the garden. These areas are, first and foremost, where you get to meet and enjoy nature. With plant and flower life around, you get to take in their beautiful sights and smell their awesome fragrances. Just a walk around the garden can prove to be therapeutic to both the mind and body. In addition, it can be a place for parties and celebrations. You get to gather with family members, friends and other guests in the comforts of your own yard. You can have some alone time in there as well.

Now, when it comes to the design and conception of your garden, should you do it yourself or should you hire someone else to perform the job?

The answer will greatly upon quality – the quality you think you can produce yourself compared to that of a professional. If you are confident with your own work, that you have the knowledge and the skills to accomplish it by your own, then you can proceed.

But if you are hesitant, then it is definitely better to just entrust your garden to the experts. The landscapers will design and build it in accordance to your preferences, of course. Some of you may not even know where to start; voice out those concerns and there is no doubt they can help you. Before, during and after the whole process of garden design, they will be of assistance to you.

Your existing yard may be wide and messy but whatever the size and state it is in, the landscaping team can work around it. They will be able to assess what are needed to be removed, changed and all that. It is important to note though that you also have to collaborate with your landscaper. An open discussion between two parties will serve as the unification of ideas for the overall design.

They will suggest greenery which are good for your location and weather conditions. Furthermore, if you want to install patios and decks for lounging areas, it can also be done for you. Walk and pathways can even be established for direction around the space.

The garden should be able to complement with the structure and style of the residence. If this can be achieved, for sure your home will look stunning and attractive. That will then raise the value of your property, which is then beneficial if you are to sell it in the future. And for the meantime, it can be an abode that is pretty and functional, that you will be very proud to show it off to others.

The landscape gardening Leeds can certainly carry out your dream garden. The look and purpose you aspire will surely come to life. All aspects will be paid attention to and the elements to be placed will have functions aesthetic wise and purpose wise. The space that you have, whether big or small, can then be maximised, so that you get the best out of it.

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No Time To Do Outdoor Gardening? Consider Container Gardening!

It’s difficult to raise a garden in your backyard especially if the weather in your country’s backyard is too cold. For your convenience, you might want to try indoor container gardening. This involves using everyday items as containers for plants to grow.

However, you’re not only limited to designing the entire garden in such a way that you just place them in plastic containers. You can design the pots. An added bonus is that plants repel mosquitoes naturally, especially lemongrass, painted daisies and basil!

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